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These [***] don't get it! The female tried talking to me in Spanish. I have a Spanish last name but I don't speak Spanish. Then when I told her I don't understand,A male from a distance kept yelling "Hello" "Hello." It sounded like he was in a house because I could hear kids and a tv. I laughed and this is when I had the time of my life with these idiots. They eventually caught on to me and hung up. I was thirsty for more so I called back and she kept hanging up on me. These people are not brilliant and are 100% FAKE. Hopefully no one falls for the bs scam they're trying to commit. I wish I knew who they were or where they lived because I'd beat the [***] out of both of them.
Created on 10 months ago

People are calling from this number to commit fraud. They begin saying that you owe money from some books that were sent by FedEx and that you owe $20,000 of unpaid bills. All lies, as I never order books!It also seems that these people believe that the person that answers is somehow an illegal alien, as they try to talk to you in Spanish. They say that they know where you live, where you work, and somehow they know if you have children or not, and if you do not pay at least a fraction of what you owe, they will call Immigration and that they will assess your living conditions, and possibly take your children away from you. Also they will arrest you. So, you get instructions to gather some cash (a sum around $1,000) and drive to a local grocery store, where you are supposed to call them back when you arrive, so someone can come and get the money. So if you don't pay they will come to arrest you, but if you pay, that will buy you some time. So a while later, there is some "Christian Smith, lawyer" from Immigration (or so they say) that calls and demands that you be ready with the money, and ask you when you can come with it to the store. They also threatened you about calling the police to have you arrested, etc. Ten minutes later, you get another phone call, allegedly from the Police (and the caller ID number is confusing) where they confirm that they are coming to get you if you do not appear with the money in such and such store.I have never heard that the police or immigration calls you in your cell to let you know they are coming to get you. And if you have to deliver money, how come it is not at the Police Station but in a hole in a wall store?Incredibly, they keep calling, to ask you if you are on your way with the money, although by now, you have already confirmed with the police that this is a fraudulent call!I believe they are calling people that they suspect are in this country illegally, to steal from them, knowing that these illegal aliens will not call the Police, or the FBI to complain. Too bad for them that I am not an illegal alien and that the authorities already know of this scam!Please let people know about these lowlife individuals that are preying in already vulnerable people.
Created on 1 year ago

They have been calling me asking for money, you called back and answers a machine of the immigration services. They threatened to send the police. The name of the guy that calls is Cristian Smith also a woman named Claudia called and the caller ID says 1911, she claims her self as a lieutenant.
Created on 1 year, 1 month ago

Created on 1 year, 2 months ago

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