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Have been called 3 times by a man with heavy accent identifying himself as being with the dept of treasurey and dept of legal affairs. When I called this number back I got a message saying "Phone card has not been activated yet". Scam alert.
Created on 3 years ago

This caller left a message on my machine. He claimed to be Officer Ricky Stevens from the Department of Legal Affairs. The message said to call him back to avoid a "legal mess." He had a thick accent and was obviously reading a script! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! It has been going around for years. The callers also use other names, and phone numbers, but it is the same scam. Please don't fall for it!He called us three times and left a message once. We didn't return the calls, and reported the number to the IRS fraud department and the FTC.Please read below: Google department of legal affairs phone scam. You will see many posts on this
Created on 3 years ago

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